Welcome to Shantou LongSheng Industrial Co., LTD.


  Shantou Longsheng Industrial Co.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in producing food machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, beverage machinery and other complete equipments. It’s also a collection of research&development、design、production and manufacture. The company’s tenet is “market-oriented,、technology as leader、quality as main line and service as guarantee” to establish a complete quality assurance system since 1990, furthermore, and have passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system and CE.

  We have a skilled design team and high quality service group, for different customers in different production conditions and ability demand, provide the most convenient, the most economic and reasonable project budget and the advanced technical support.

  Enterprises”Longsheng” trademark is registered by our own brand, and has applied for 13 authorized patents so far, among is 1 invention patent, 12 utility model patents.

  We always adhere to “science and technology create value, service wins market”, and constantly sell our products and service to all over the world. Such as America、Thailand、Philippines、Korea、Malaysia、Iran、Indonesia、Nigeria、Algeria、Yemen、Iraq、Turkey、Vietnam、Cambodia、Egypt、Bangladesh、Pakistan、Turkmenistan、Kazakhstan and other countries and regions. But also to our machinery’s high quality、energy saving and safety win the trust and respect in both abroad and domestic.


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